This Week in Rock – 28th June, 2015

So much seems to happen in the turbulent world of rock & roll, that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the rock star happenings! With this in mind, I decided to introduce a new segment to the news on my blog  which will basically be a weekly recap of the most exciting/disturbing/saddening/worthy moments in rock & roll over the past week! \m/ Continue reading


NfNBlog Reader’s Poll for Best Rock Album of 2014



Recently, NfNBlog published a list of the top 10 albums that defined our 2014 (and not albums that were recorded in 2014).  I have listened to quite a few new, 2014 rock releases (some have been reviewed, others haven’t…yet) and there have been great ones, good ones and poor ones. I made my choice of top album of 2014, but let’s hear what the readers have to say! Continue reading

The 10 Albums That Defined NfNBlog’s Year

The year 2014 was quite big in the music world. The Black Keys showed they aren’t a band who will quickly be forgotten with the release of “Turn Blue”; David Gilmour and Nick Mason collectively as Pink Floyd released another record; The Foo Fighters delved into music-documentary waters with the HBO TV show “Sonic Highways” and AC/DC announced that Malcolm Young was ill, their nephew Stevie Young would take his place, Phil Rudd (the drummer) was arrested (and later released) and yet the band STILL managed to release their new album, “Rock Or Bust”. Continue reading

Phil Rudd: The bad boy of AC/DC?

Who would have thought that the apparently mild-mannered AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudd had such a “bad boy of rock” reputation? And we’re not just talking about the typical rockstar “habits”… We’re talking hard core murder! Continue reading

The AC/DC train keeps on rockin’

Aussie rockers AC/DC lose a member but announce new upcoming album and world tour! Continue reading

Shine on you crazy diamonds

Pink Floyd working on a “new” album, set to be released in October 2014. Continue reading

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous…

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was released on this day, 23 years ago….and it’s still as powerful now as it was back then.

Continue reading

Another record (literally) for Metallica

Metallica have done it all: platinum-selling albums; movies and documentaries; tracks featured in the hit video game “Garage Band”; their own festival; countless world tours and now, to top it all off, they will be featured in the 2015 Guinness Book of Records!

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Faith No More announce new album in 2015

San Francisco alt-grunge-metal rockers Faith No More have finally revealed that they are working on a new album, their first in 18 years. Continue reading

“The Wall” to be made into a documentary

Former Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, takes his three-year long “The Wall” tour and makes it into a documentary, set to be released at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. Continue reading