Jack White Brings Love and the Sun to Glastonbury

JW 04The annual Glastonbury festival in the UK was another musical and visual spectacle this year, regardless of all the rain and mud. In fact, “Glasto” was probably more exciting because of it… Continue reading


Playing With Madness

Iron Maiden 03Iron Maiden – Live in Belgrade, Serbia (2014)

Over the years I have gone to various rock concerts and one thing has become apparent – rock and metal concert goers usually tend to dress for the occasion which, in the case of rock and metal, means black, spikes, boots OR a rock/metal band t-shirt. Continue reading

The Lost Art of Great Musicianship

QOTSA - liveQOTSA – Live in Novi Sad, Serbia (2014)

Queens of the Stone Age is not a “get rich quick” band that bases its fame and popularity on the success of one album, or more specifically the one major hit single (“No One Knows”) from that one album that featured Mr. Nice Guy of rock & roll, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters).

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A Metal Force That Shows No Mercy

Slayer, live in Belgrade, Serbia (2013)

Determination, perseverance, devotion, attitude… these are all adjectives that can describe one of the best and most powerful thrash metal bands to ever lay down a guitar riff. In a year plagued by arguments, injury and death, it comes as no surprise that Slayer has managed to overcome these obstacles, that would have sidelined any other “lesser” band, and have ploughed on through their 2013 European tour. Continue reading

Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

AC/DC, live in Belgrade, Serbia (2009)

The tickets and elegant, laminated bus passes were on the table, all the albums had been listened to, the Live DVD had been watched and I had now entered the calm before the storm.  The next day all hell would break loose…..and break loose it did! Continue reading

They Sought and They Destroyed

Metallica, live in Belgrade, Serbia (2012)

30,000 metal fans filled the Ušće park in Belgrade on 8th of May for Metallica’s 2012 European tour.  One would think that this was the first time the American metal giants were playing in Serbia.  Considering they performed once already, back in 2004, the sight of so many fans this time round is a testament to the band’s enduring music and fanatic following they have not only in Serbia, but all over the world. Continue reading

Hungry for Destruction

Guns & Roses, live in Belgrade, Serbia (2010)

I slowly lowered the needle head onto the spinning vinyl, stood back, put up the volume and as Axl’s ascending growl started pounding my ears, I felt a wave of goosebumps come over me and “Welcome to the Jungle” started pounding out of my stereo.  It’s not the first time I’ve played this record nor the first time I’ve heard this song.  It’s just a loud reminder of the Guns ‘N Roses concert on Thursday, September 23rd in the Belgrade Arena and how Axl and his band absolutely blew away the whole arena!

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Mother Do You Think They’ll Like This Song?

Roger Waters, “The Wall” tour, live in Zagreb, Croatia (2011)

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is about a six hour bus ride from Novi Sad.  It was the next stop for Roger Waters’ “The Wall” tour and was the closest I would ever probably be to seeing one of my favourite “bands” perform live (I say “bands” because this is the closest I will get to see a Pink Floyd concert without actually seeing Pink Floyd because the band itself  will never tour again… mainly because keyboardist Richard Wright passed away in 2008).

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Is There Anybody Out There?

t_brit-floyd-2012Brit Floyd, live in Belgrade, Serbia (2012)

Pink Floyd is a rock band that has influenced many a band since the 60’s and has continued to inspire musicians to this day with their experimental sounds, progressive musical directions (hence them being often referred to as a prog-rock band, even though they adamantly refuted that label), thought-provoking lyrics and, simply put, amazing rock riffs, solos, songs and albums as complete representations of their music and the music of the time…music which has even transcended time and is still popular and relevant today.

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