About the Blogger…yes, I said “blogger”

You know how Hendrix used to “jam” on a broom while listening to records as a kid until his dad bought him a guitar so the boy would stop destroying the brooms? Well, I used to do a similar thing, except I used raquets instead of brooms. Tennis, badminton, squash…it didn’t really matter, all I wanted to do was shred on my “axe” in front of the mirror.

Later on in life I learnt to play an actual guitar, albeit a few chords and some strumming. Listening to music has always accompanied the raquet-abuse ever since my first Sony Discman and Micheal Jackson albums (listening to Eddie Van Halen shredding on “Beat It” was eye-opening) and over the years I have even dabbled in music photography. Writing was something that I had always enjoyed (unless it was an English exam) and certain things over the years had inspired me to write about them. Music was one of these inspirations.

Imitating music, reading about music, listening to music, photographing and even playing it inspired and keeps inspiring me every day and I played with the idea of combing my love for music and writing and to see what becomes of it.

This is my musically-inspired blog, where I share my concert experiences, my (hopefully as unbiased as possible) interpretations and reviews on certain albums (current and non), a few music quips and music news here and there and some photos as well.

Feel free to comment, share (not steal 😉 ) and enjoy the words that express the music.


2 thoughts on “About the Blogger…yes, I said “blogger”

  1. Hey bro…I’ve never been to a rock concert..thanks to your blog, you painted a really vivid pic for me…You write well.

    Hope you been keeping well my man. How many years since you left Botswana?

    • Hi Mr. O. Good to hear from you! I’ve been in Serbia more or less since mid-2006. I came to Bots a few times, but mostly just for short visits. I hope you are doing well? 🙂

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