The AC/DC train keeps on rockin’

Aussie rockers AC/DC lose a member but announce new upcoming album and world tour!

Australian Hard-rock band AC/DC has announced that they will be releasing their new album on the 2nd of December of this year (2014).  The new record will be titled “Rock or Bust” and is the first studio release (their 16th) from the band since their 2008 album, “Black Ice”.

2008's "Black Ice"

2008’s “Black Ice”

In addition to the new album, which was recorded at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada and will feature 11 tracks, the band has also announced a 2015 world tour to promote the new album.  Rumours have surfaced that AC/DC may even tour South Africa for the very first time!

This good news for all AC/DC fans out there is diminished a little by the announcement, in September, by rhythm guitarist Malcom Young’s family that the 61-year old rocker is suffering from dementia and will not be recording or performing with the band anymore.

Rhythm guitarist and AC/DC co-founder Malcom Young

This doesn’t mean, however, that AC/DC will stop recording or performing…far from it. What most people may not know is that Malcolm and his brother Angus Young (the band’s energetic lead guitarist and co-founder of the band with Malcolm) have a nephew, Stevie, who, just like his uncles, is a hard-rocking guitarist living in Scotland.  The not much younger 57-year old Young family member will be replacing (for lack of a better word) his uncle Malcolm on a permanent basis in the band.

Former Starship member and new member of AC/DC, the nephew, Stevie Young

Stevie Young, who played in the bands The Stabbers, Prowler and Starfighters (who were the support act on AC/DC’s “Back in Black” tour in 1980) had already filled in Malcolm Young’s shoes in 1988, when the elder Young guitarist left the band to deal with his alcohol problem, and has recorded with the band in the studio for the upcoming album. Heck, Stevie even looks a little like his uncle so it’s not really a surprise that he would step in.

Starfighters with Stevie Young (far right)

Starfighters with Stevie Young (far right)

While it’s hard to imagine AC/DC without Malcolm, just as it was hard to imagine them without their late, great frontman Bon Scott, the rock & roll train that is AC/DC will undoubtedly steam ahead and will keep the jams coming and keep their fans rocking!




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