Faith No More announce new album in 2015

San Francisco alt-grunge-metal rockers Faith No More have finally revealed that they are working on a new album, their first in 18 years.

The band’s bassist, Bill Gould, confirmed the rumours after stories about the band working on new material became more prominent online.  “Who wants to start hype with nothing behind it, you know?” says Gould when he revealed to Rolling Stone that the band were actually working on new “independent” material.

Their contract with their record label  expired a few months ago and the band is ready and eager to make an independent album, for the first time in their career.  Gould himself will produce it; the album will be recorded in Faith No More’s rehearsal space in Oakland, California; it will be released on their own Reclamation Records label and will be distributed by (frontman and vocalist) Mike Patton’s own Ipecac Recordings label.  The name for their Reclamation Records label came from the feeling that the band are now free to do their own thing.  As Gould puts it, “The name has to do with the fact that we realized we were free from our recording obligations…we have these songs that we are working on…and why don’t we just do our own imprint and kind of reclaim our future, in a way.”

Faith No More performing live at the Exit Festival in Serbia (2010). ©

When asked about what the new album would sound like, Gould commented “There’s going to be a lot of space and scope — big, big sound-stage space” with elements of what they already and some influences from the likes of Justin Bieber (Gould is hopefully joking about this, we hope).

I don’t even know how old Justin Bieber was when we were playing last time — and now, he’s a major influence. [Laughs.] – Bill Gould

Faith No More’s last album was 1997’s “Album of the Year, which only reached #40 on the US Billboard charts, #7 in the UK and #1 in Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand.  The as yet nameless new album is set to be released in April of 2015 while the first single, “Motherfucker”, which was played live in London’s Hyde Park this year (2014), will be released on November 28th.

Hopefully it doesn’t sound like a bunch of 50-year-old men, which we are! – Bill Gould

Faith No More

Faith No More

Read the full Rolling Stone interview with Bill Gould here, follow Faith No More’s twitter for the latest band news and check out a live video below of the performance of their upcoming single, “Motherfucker”, from Hyde Park.


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