“The Wall” to be made into a documentary

Former Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, takes his three-year long “The Wall” tour and makes it into a documentary, set to be released at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

The 70 year old Surrey native from the UK has had a very successful post-Floyd career and doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. After the release of his final Pink Floyd album, “Final Cut” in 1983, Waters began his solo career and subsequently recorded four great studio albums, notably 1984’s “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” and 1987’s “Radio K.A.O.S.”

In September of 2010, Roger Waters embarked on his now infamous “The Wall” tour which toured the globe until September of 2013. The tour covered six legs, had 219 shows and earned more then $460 million in profits making it the most successful tour ever for a solo musician and will soon be immortalised in a documentary that covers the three year tour and aims to convey the “exhilaratingly visceral experience” of the live show, as creative director Sean Evans puts it.

Roger Waters live during "The Wall" tour

Roger Waters live during “The Wall” tour

Pink Floyd recorded “The Wall” in 1980 and the live “interaction” of the band with the audience is what made the live performances so memorable and entertaining, while at the same time musically providing quite a bit of thought-provoking imagery and questioning of the themes of war and politics and love and alienation. The actual concept of the tour, back then and in 2010 when Waters did it, is to build a wall, literally, on stage during the show, dividing the band and the audience and to then have it crumble down at the end.

The Wall, live on stage

The Wall, live on stage

This concept is captured in the film as well and aims (hopefully) to give the viewer an insight into how such a massive tour is organised (both musically and logistically). The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) CEO, Piers Handling, said “Ever since The Wall was released, it has become one of the classic rock albums of our time…Its popularity continues and its message is still timely.”

Roger Waters and the "soldiers"

Roger Waters and the “soldiers”

In addition to the original Pink Floyd tour of “The Wall”, a musical film (released in 1982 starring the band’s friend Bob Geldoff), a live rendition called “Is There Anybody Out There” (2000) and even talk of a Broadway musical, this documentary will give fans a glimpse into the abyss that is a live (dare I call it “prog”) rock & roll and how an album that is over 30 years old can still be so damn good and have such great songs and a concept that is still able to stand the test of time. We can wait and hope that Waters’ documentary film-vision is as entertaining and enthralling as his music-vision.

Roger Waters enjoying the show...

Roger Waters enjoying the show…

Download the album from iTunes (original and live) and read my concert review of the European leg of the tour in 2011 when Waters performed “The Wall” in Zagreb, Croatia.


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