KOL Drummer Injured in Bus Accident

Nathan Followill, the drummer for American rock band Kings of Leon was in a tour bus accident on Saturday night.

The band were on their way to their hotel after a gig in Boston when a pedestrian or eager fan stepped out onto the road in front of the bus. The driver had to stop abruptly, which resulted in Nathan having a few broken ribs.

The band (brothers Caleb and Jared and cousin Matthew) said that Nathan is “doing well”, but they will have to cancel the next two weeks of their current US tour while Nathan recovers. “The process is now to rest in order for healing to take place. To avoid complications and to make a full recovery, a break from performing to Aug. 28 is necessary,” said Dr, Faiz Bhora from Mount Sinai Roosevelt hospital.

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

The rock drummer has high spirits and is eagerly looking forward to getting back on the road and even shared a photo on his twitter profile of him in the hospital bed.

Nathan Followill recovering in his hospital bed


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