Godsmack release new album, “1000hp”

1000 Horse power of energy

American hard rockers Godsmack have released their brand new album “1000hp” and by the sound of it, the band is as hard as ever!

Sully Erna’s vocals are as powerful and melodic (a raw-type of melodic) as ever and songs like “Nothing Comes Easy” and “Generation Day” showcase his vocal range…from the raw and gritty to the melodic and soulful.  Tony Rombola and his hard riffs and explosive guitar solos keep this record in tune with the five previous albums the band have released thus far.  Rombola, who was voted as one of the most influential guitarists of the past decade, gives each track its own style and feel with his varying guitar sounds, moving from heavily distorted and crunchy riffs to rhythmic and elegant acoustic segments.  “Turning to Stone” is a prime example of this concoction of styles and Rombola’s ability to alternative between different guitar styles and sounds in one song.  Robbie Merrill on bass and Shannon Larkin mesh together like beer and peanuts to create a rock-solid foundation for the record and provide the support for Rombola and Erna to develop the songs in any direction they want.

Godsmack frontman Sully Erna

Godsmack frontman Sully Erna

The album “1000hp” is the band’s sixth album to date, coming four years after their gold-selling “The Oracle”.  The album, as Erna revealed, was a collaborative piece of work with all band members bringing to the studio the various songs they wrote.  “When it was time to start writing again, the guys brought in a batch of songs and I had a batch of songs I’d been working on and we laid them all on the table and stared carving through them,” Erna said.   The Boston natives leased out a massive 40,000 square-foot warehouse in their home city and made it into their new HQ/studio/rehearsal space.  Bassist Robbie Merrill said “We have been looking to have one big place for a long time. All our equipment has been stored in four or five different places and we wanted to get everything in one room.”

Godsmack lead guitarist Tony Rombola

Godsmack lead guitarist Tony Rombola

Writing on the album began in November of 2013 and was released on August 5th of 2014 to great anticipation from their fans.  The band’s twitter profile (@Godsmack_Music) kept fans up to date with the recording process and status of the album, as they wrote and eventually released it.  Upon its release, fans posted photos of their purchased album (on CD and on iTunes) to show their support and approval of the record.  The single “1000hp” was released on the 9th of June and entered the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks at number two and went straight to number one on the U.S. iTunes rock chart.

A Godsmack fan shares a photo of a signed copy of the band’s new album “1000hp”

The band using their twitter profile to encourage fans to buy the album on iTunes and get to #1

The album “1000hp” is a loud, raw and energetic hard rock album, recorded by a now well-established hard rock band.  The title track as well as the album cover (a pimped out hot rod with flames gushing out from underneath) is ideally suited for a loud sound system, whether at home or in the car, to head bang to.  Gregory Heaney from http://www.allmusic.com reviewed the album saying it’s “Godsmack at their most focused, showing that they’ve finally found the path back to their roots that they’d been searching for,” and gave the album three out of five stars.

Boston-native hard rockers Godsmack

Boston-native hard rockers Godsmack

So if you’re a hard rock fan and have enjoyed Godsmack’s previous albums, then “1000hp” is definitely a must-have in your CD collection or iTunes library.  Check out the first single from the album below or get the album now from iTunes.


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